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call, write, or visit

We encourage you and highly suggest that you call or stop in

to make an appointment for scheduled maintenance, so that we can devote the proper attention and time to your vehicle....

Of course, if you have an emergency or breakdown,

we will do our very best to accommodate you...

You can visit us at the corner of Bryant Avenue and Lakeville Road

(halfway between Hillside Avenue and Jericho Tpke.)


581 Lakeville Road

New Hyde Park, NY  11040

And even if you don’t need any work on your vehicle, you can still stop in

and say “hi”, tell us your “news” - after all, we’re “family”, right?!...

or come on in for your favorite retro candy craving....

You can call us:

516 488-7996


516 354-9564

If by chance, we have to put you “on hold” while we are attending

to the needs of another customer, we apologize in advance,

but... you do get to listen to “the oldies”.....

You can email us:


or if you have a candy question, you can email Eileen


Some of you think we spend 24 hours a day at Bobb Howard’s,

‘cause we always seem to be working....

the truth is, we love what we do, we feel very blessed,

and this is our family legacy.....

and, yes, we do have “regular shop hours”:

Monday - Saturday

7:30 a - 5:00 p

you can pick-up or drop-off your vehicle ‘til 6:00

(‘cause we’re still in the store helping candy customers)

sorry, we’re closed on Sunday

(vacation day???)

and, no problem...

you can always pick-up or drop-off your vehicle “after hours”...

(just give us a call so we can arrange it with you)



NEW YORK  11040

516 488-7996