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giving back....

We believe in giving back to the community that has been so good to us throughout the years....

We have established a scholarship in Sam’s (Eileen’s dad) memory

in the business department at New Hyde Park High School, and the

design and applied art department in Gert’s (Eileen’s mom) memory,

not for the smartest kid, but for the kid who tries the hardest,

because that’s all our parents ever asked of us

when we were growing up...

Every September, we hand out “Back to School” supplies 

to the neighborhood kids, to help them get started on

   a sweet, successful, and most of all, healthy school year....

We participate every year in the New Hyde Park Street Fair

  and run a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to charity...

We have a special “Keep the Change” donation box in the store.

Bobb Howard’s matches the funds,

and every winter, we purchases hats and gloves

and distribute them to those “having a hard time” on Long Island.

We take pride in watching our customers of all ages

   “pay it forward”....

We donate gift certificates and raffle items

to neighborhood school functions

and run “Class Nights” every holiday season

where we open our store after hours and donate

a percentage of our sales to the PTA

We also run contests and promotions throughout the year

to raise money for those on Long Island

   “having a tough time and in need of a helping hand”...



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