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what we do

So now that you know a little bit about who you’re trusting your vehicle with, we’d like to tell you about our repair shop...

Some of our employees have been with Bobb Howard’s for almost 25 years!!!  In today’s world, where people constantly change jobs due to lack of loyalty on both the employer’s and employee’s part, we take pride in treating those that work for us like we would want to be treated.  We make a point of thanking each employee every night for their help as they are walking out the door.  We realize that they have a “life” outside of

Bobb Howard’s and try to work with them so that they have quality time at home.  We never want our employees to feel as if they are being taken for granted.  In exchange, they give us “their all” and we constantly do our best to help each other make it fun to come to work everyday! 

We are truly “family” here....

Service is our #1 priority...

We strive to know your vehicle and anticipate your needs.  We take the time to answer all your questions about your vehicle’s repairs, and, if you desire, we will show you the problem while your vehicle is on the lift.

If you work or live locally, we offer a free service to drop you off at your home, job, or train station with most repairs.

We are a NYS Inspection Station and send out NYS Inspection   reminder cards to you, to help you have one less thing to keep track of...

We are a complete automotive repair facility...

We perform oil changes to motor changes and everything in-between....

We work on all vehicles, from Eileen’s own ’67 British Austin Healey,

to ’49 Packards, to ’66 Mustangs, to ’59 Cadillacs,

antique Good Humor Ice Cream trucks, today’s sleek Corvettes,

clunkers, “Grandma’s cars”, and even help kids put air in their “wheels” -

bicycle wheels, that is!

And, WE don’t charge for air!!!

Our technicians are...

constantly attending classes to keep up with the rapidly changing technology in the automotive world, and we have the latest diagnostic computer programs on the premises.

We care about your vehicle...

Before our techs begin to work, they place a protective cover

on the seat and a protective mat on the floor.  There are no

“grease monkeys” at Bobb Howard’s!!!  Everyone takes pride in the cleanliness of our shop....and after work is completed, your vehicle is vacuumed, your windows are washed, and we leave a “sweet treat”

from our General Store for you....

If you keep up the maintenance on your vehicle, you’ll end up saving time and money on repairs in the long run...

It is important to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

When we do an oil change at Bobb Howard’s, our techs do an 18 point safety check on your vehicle and note any worn or broken parts

that might need immediate or future attention.  Any recommendations

are placed on your invoice and discussed with you when you come to pick up your car.

All our repairs are guaranteed for 1 year or 12,000 miles,

and we even give lifetime guarantees on some parts!

Did you know that you don’t have to go back to the dealership

for scheduled maintenance

We can do the work at Bobb Howard’s,

usually for less money and in less time!

We also honor all mechanical breakdown insurance contracts.

And, if by chance, you develop car trouble while out of the area,

please feel free to call us, and we will assist and advise you in any way we can...

There are no stupid questions at Bobb Howard’s...

If you ever have a complaint or problem,

PLEASE, let us know immediately!!!

We are here to help you.



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516 488-7996